The 1 thing I've learned about working for myself.


I've been working for myself for about 9 years and in that time I've (slowly) learned a good bit about  trying to create a life where you have a good time doing what you love.

I'm writing this now because I think I've reached a point where i'm really loving my work.

I don't love writing so this is gonna be quick thoughts and experiences.

How fuckin' cliche of me....


1. Savings

I couldn't have picked a more boring topic to start with but the ability to save up a few thousand is very important and rarely talked about. No matter what you want to do, you are going to go through a period where money is tight. Money = rent & food. If you haven't got some money saved, things start to get tense when your bank account gets low.

This leads to you going back to the job you wanted to get away from in the first place or accepting crappy work for lower money than you're worth from people you don't want to work with.

Savings also allows you to invest in whatever you really need to get started. A laptop, a camera etc.... The first thing I bought after college was a set of CD decks, an amp and some speakers so I could DJ at parties. Last year I was able to buy a camera and all the (very expensive) gear that goes along with it so I could start The People We Meet.

For most people, there's always a little bit of a confidence issue when starting your own thing.
Avocados and flat whites are getting all the blame when it comes to people not saving, but going out for food with some friends won't stop you from saving. It's the stupid stuff.

I can't tell you what to cut down on, but I'm sure if you honestly looked at what you're spending your money on, you'll see exactly how you are wasting it. 

It's your choice.

Start saving so you can invest in what you need and have confidence to wait for the type of work that will help you grow.