The Good Stuff - Jan 2017

Keeping this short & sweet. A list of things I've loved over the past month(and late 2016).

If you've got any suggestions - lemme know!

Music Video - Katie Kim - Ghosts  

I've always been a big fan of Katie Kim. It's easy to say her music is dark, but Cáit Fahey does an incredible job of showing all the colour in Katie's music.


Film - Diary of a Teenage Girl (Netflix)

The trailer really doesn't do the film Justice. The music, photography, animation and the performances are incredible.


Film - Blue Jay (Netflix)

For some this might be a little slow placed. You'll probably love it or hate it.


Youtube Channel - Lessons from the Screenplay

Video essays that break down some really great films. Could listen to this for days.


Film Trailer - Tresspass Against Us 

Super excited for this. Gleeson & Fassbender should make for a beautiful combo.


Film Trailer - Manchester by the Sea

Casey Affleck is THE man. Michelle Williams is also incredible.

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David O'Carroll