The Good Stuff - April & May 2017

Eh, a tad bit late with the April recommendations so let's just mash April & May together. 

Let's get straight into it...

Podcast - Up and Vanished

A beauty queen from Georgia has been missing for over ten years. Her ex's are dodgy AF and the police seem corrupt. I'm about 6 episodes in. I believe someone has been arrested due to the podcast which means it will be a lot more satisfying than Serial season 1 or Making a Murderer.  Also, if you haven't listened to S-Town, you should.


Shameless Plug #1

Episode 3 of The People We Meet came out a few weeks ago. It features the fab and charming illustrator Fuchsia MacAree. It was a joy to make this video!



Music - Willie J Healey

Up with Julia Jacklin as my favourite music from the last 12 months. Video is also ace.


Movie & Youtube Channel

The video does a great job at explaining the movie Her. The video also makes you want to watch the movie. Add it to your list. 


Shameless Plug #2

My second music video premiered on Nialler 9 this week.  The band are Kilnamana and the song is catchy AF


Netflix - You can count on me

I've only realised how good Laura Linney is. Stop scrolling through Netflix and give this a go. It's very straight up - unlike a lot of films that are coming out nowadays.

Happy watching/listening!

David O'Carroll