The Good Stuff - Feb 2017

Yeah, it's actually March. I was a little late, but just in time for this horrible looking weekend.

Hit me up if there's anything you think i'd like.


Music - Julia Jacklin

Saw this lady at Whelans last weekend. She finished on Don't Let the Kids Win and it was beautiful. I hadn't actually seen the video until I started writing this and it too is beautiful. She seems to have some sort of quality that songwriters from the 60's/70's had. That "realness" that is usually lacking from artists today. (Jesus. It took me 1.2 blog entries to sound like a tool. Sorry about that.) You should dive into her album. Oh and she also covered the Strokes. You can see a version of that here.


Instagram Account - Cinefathers Film Club

Choosing a film = shoot me in the face.

Checkout Cinefathers Film Club Insta account to get nice reminders of films that are actually worth your while.


TV Show - Transparent

Don't let the music in the trailer put you off. One of my favourite shows. The music is amazing throughout(nothing like the trailer). You can get it on Amazon or somewhere like Project Free TV (Free - obvs)


Film - Wild Tales

Had a conversation about this earlier in the week. 7 incredible short films in one film. Check out the super tense clip from one of the stories below.


Youtube Channel - Nerdwriter

This channel is pretty huge. Video essays that help me think I understand the world around me. 


Podcast - The Alison Spittle Show

The Alison Spittle podcast is refreshingly honest. Zero bullshit or ego. Guests include Seana Kerslake(Mary from A Date for Mad Mary), David O'Doherty and loads of musicians & comedians.

Listen on iTunes here


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