The Good Stuff - April & May 2017

Eh, a tad bit late with the April recommendations so let's just mash April & May together. 

Let's get straight into it...

Podcast - Up and Vanished

A beauty queen from Georgia has been missing for over ten years. Her ex's are dodgy AF and the police seem corrupt. I'm about 6 episodes in. I believe someone has been arrested due to the podcast which means it will be a lot more satisfying than Serial season 1 or Making a Murderer.  Also, if you haven't listened to S-Town, you should.


Shameless Plug #1

Episode 3 of The People We Meet came out a few weeks ago. It features the fab and charming illustrator Fuchsia MacAree. It was a joy to make this video!



Music - Willie J Healey

Up with Julia Jacklin as my favourite music from the last 12 months. Video is also ace.


Movie & Youtube Channel

The video does a great job at explaining the movie Her. The video also makes you want to watch the movie. Add it to your list. 


Shameless Plug #2

My second music video premiered on Nialler 9 this week.  The band are Kilnamana and the song is catchy AF


Netflix - You can count on me

I've only realised how good Laura Linney is. Stop scrolling through Netflix and give this a go. It's very straight up - unlike a lot of films that are coming out nowadays.

Happy watching/listening!

David O'Carroll
The Good Stuff - March 2017

Just in time for the weekend. Here's a lil list to help you decide what to do with those precious hours of vegging in bed/couch.

Music - Tennis

An 80's throwback in so many ways, the singer even looks like the girl from Dirty Dancing & Ferris Bueller's sister.

The album is also really nice. Father John Misty & Future Islands also have new singles out.


Film - Get out

There has been a horrific amount of horrible horror films over the last few years but this is different. It doesn't fall for all the same old bullshit every other film has. So good.


TV Show - Togetherness

Probably my favourite TV show. Again, the music in the trailer sucks balls but it's a really, really good show.... And it's only two seasons long.


Netflix - I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore

A perfect contender for "I want to watch something light, but not feel like I'm wasting my life" kind of evening.


Podcast - S Town

From the creators of Serial (they pretty much changed the game in podcast world comes S-Town). I haven't listened yet, but I will this weekend.

"...about a man named John who despises his Alabama town and decides to do something about it. He asks Brian to investigate the son of a wealthy family who’s allegedly been bragging that he got away with murder. " 


Life Inspiration - Pick Yourself - Seth Godin

This is a perfect lil video for musicians, actors, designers or anyone who wants to do their own thing.

Seth Godin is a boss and he writes a really cool daily blog. If you like the vid you should sign up at


Food - Sour Cream or Creme Fraiche

Yeah. Just buy it and put it on all your food. Changed my life. I'm tellin ye!

Peace & Love



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The Good Stuff - Feb 2017

Yeah, it's actually March. I was a little late, but just in time for this horrible looking weekend.

Hit me up if there's anything you think i'd like.


Music - Julia Jacklin

Saw this lady at Whelans last weekend. She finished on Don't Let the Kids Win and it was beautiful. I hadn't actually seen the video until I started writing this and it too is beautiful. She seems to have some sort of quality that songwriters from the 60's/70's had. That "realness" that is usually lacking from artists today. (Jesus. It took me 1.2 blog entries to sound like a tool. Sorry about that.) You should dive into her album. Oh and she also covered the Strokes. You can see a version of that here.


Instagram Account - Cinefathers Film Club

Choosing a film = shoot me in the face.

Checkout Cinefathers Film Club Insta account to get nice reminders of films that are actually worth your while.


TV Show - Transparent

Don't let the music in the trailer put you off. One of my favourite shows. The music is amazing throughout(nothing like the trailer). You can get it on Amazon or somewhere like Project Free TV (Free - obvs)


Film - Wild Tales

Had a conversation about this earlier in the week. 7 incredible short films in one film. Check out the super tense clip from one of the stories below.


Youtube Channel - Nerdwriter

This channel is pretty huge. Video essays that help me think I understand the world around me. 


Podcast - The Alison Spittle Show

The Alison Spittle podcast is refreshingly honest. Zero bullshit or ego. Guests include Seana Kerslake(Mary from A Date for Mad Mary), David O'Doherty and loads of musicians & comedians.

Listen on iTunes here


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The Good Stuff - Jan 2017

Keeping this short & sweet. A list of things I've loved over the past month(and late 2016).

If you've got any suggestions - lemme know!

Music Video - Katie Kim - Ghosts  

I've always been a big fan of Katie Kim. It's easy to say her music is dark, but Cáit Fahey does an incredible job of showing all the colour in Katie's music.


Film - Diary of a Teenage Girl (Netflix)

The trailer really doesn't do the film Justice. The music, photography, animation and the performances are incredible.


Film - Blue Jay (Netflix)

For some this might be a little slow placed. You'll probably love it or hate it.


Youtube Channel - Lessons from the Screenplay

Video essays that break down some really great films. Could listen to this for days.


Film Trailer - Tresspass Against Us 

Super excited for this. Gleeson & Fassbender should make for a beautiful combo.


Film Trailer - Manchester by the Sea

Casey Affleck is THE man. Michelle Williams is also incredible.

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