I help people to create a digital marketing strategy so they can create real relationships with their audience.

Every person I meet has their own unique goals, skills, budgets, background etc, and therefore everyone has different requirements from the workshops, but here’s how it usually works...


Step 1 - Review

Before getting stuck in, I’ll need to get familiar with your online presence, including...

- Review of your social media and what platforms your using (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)

- What content you create (Images, Videos, Blogs, Podcasts)

- How you are reaching your audience

- How your brand is communicated online

- Your website

* If you're a new brand or haven't got an online presence, we skip Step 1.


Step 2 - Workshop

We’ll get together to examine your current performance, pain points and what you really want to achieve. We’ll talk about your skills and time commitments. We’ll talk budgets and what you can expect in 6 months and 12 months time etc.


Step 3 - A Real Strategy

After Step 1 & 2 I'll have a full understanding of your capabilities which will give me the info I need to create a strategy.   


Step 4 - Workshop

In this workshop we’ll go through your new strategy together. The strategy will include a weekly/monthly content & posting schedule. We’ll define budgets and realistic goals. The workshop is designed to answer all your questions and provide you with a clear path to execute the digital marketing work that will help you grow. 


There's no magic formula.

Success online requires either someone from your team putting in hours of work every week, or outsourcing that work. Only those who seriously commit to a digital strategy will see the rewards. 

It's that simple.


Why a Workshop?

People's expectations of digital marketing is usually pretty far from reality. There's a tendency to create a Facebook or Instagram profile, mirror what other people are doing and wait for the brand to grow. It's not about how many people follow you. It's about creating a realistic strategy that you build into your daily/weekly schedule.

It's about grabbing the attention of the right people and proving that you're a perfect match.

If you have any other questions, there's an FAQ at the bottom of the page.


About me

My name is Dave O'Carroll. I help people grow their brand.You can reach me at dave@thepeoplewemeet.net or at the numbers below.

Mobile: 086 0780 733     Studio: 01 551 5002

Address: 8 Cecilia Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 8. Ireland.


Mail me



Where do they take place.

My studio (8 Cecilia Street, Temple Bar), your location or on Skype.

How many of my team can attend?

Everyone that has a say in your digital strategy. One of the most common problems around digital strategy is defining roles, responsibilities and expectations for the entire team. The workshops make sure all team members are on the same page after the Workshop.

Is this right for me?

If you want to grow your brand online and create a clear day to day strategy, it can be really helpful to get some outside perspective.  Feel free to give me a call and we can see if it's the right fit for you.

How much do the workshops cost?

Workshops start at €600. There's a 50% deposit to begin research.

What if I don’t have any strategy/presence?

A workshop is a great way to make sure you avoid wasting time & money on the stuff that doesn't work. The workshop will help you get started and make an impact.

Does the strategy include a review of my website?

The workshops include a detailed examination of your entire digital strategy. This includes your website. For most businesses, your website should be at the heart of your digital marketing strategy.