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5. Fingal Ferguson - Gubbeen Farm


You'll see the name Gubbeen on the menus of so many of the top restaurants and cafés around Ireland so I thought it would be worth sending them a mail to see if they'd be up for being on The People We Meet.

We were blown away by the welcome we got from the entire Ferguson family and the people of West Cork.

Absolutely loved making this episode. Hope you enjoy!


4. Shane Berkery

I randomly walked into a Shane Berkery exhibition over a year ago and have been following him ever since. I emailed him on a Monday and we were done filming on Tuesday.

His work is beautiful and he's a super nice guy.


3. Fuchsia MacAree

If you know Fuchsia MacAree, you'll know that she's a super talented illustrator and a really lovely person. I've only ever met her for 5 minutes here and there so it was an absolute pleasure to be welcomed into her studio to find out how she has created a life & career where she gets to do what she loves every day.


2. H&G Creations

I've been following the guys at H&G Creations for ages because they always seem to be doing really cool stuff. The People We Meet is awesome excuse to find out more about Deirdre & Sinead and how they have built something from nothing.


1. Two Pups

I was spending loads of time reading and podcasting in Two Pups Coffee and thought it would be really cool if I could interview people who are doing things their own way. As soon as I had that idea, the first person I wanted to interview was right in front of me.

I was probably interested in talking to Kev because he's living a dream of mine. I've always wanted to start a cafe, so I end up working from Cafes most of the week. The atmosphere Kev and his crew have created at the bottom of Francis street makes Two Pups my favourite place to hang out in Dublin.