Great Brands...


...know that trust is the most important part of your brand

Trust is more important than your logo, your website and theoretical "brand values".  It's how you pick up the phone and respond to complaints.

Your brand is how much you care about your customers.

If you don't really care about how you treat people, you can spend all the money in the world on your brand but you're not going to be around for long.

The days of stock photos and appearing to bigger than you are are over. To gain trust you have to show people who you really are. 


...are great communicators

It's easy to say attention spans have never been lower, but we live in a time where people get through a season of House of Cards in a day or listen to 8 hours of a new podcast series in a week. If you can tell a great story you can create a following who always pay attention. Always coming back because they believe in you and the way you do things. 


...believe in the importance of design

If people believe you are the best, you've won. Think of your favourite pair of shoes, jeans, café, restaurant, phone, car, guitar, watch etc. If you want people to believe you are the best you have to make the commitment to making sure your brand identity connects you to your chosen people.


If you want to learn a little more, these videos give a great perspective.

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