I've been working for myself for the last 8 years and it's taken me until now to realise what I love most is talking to people who are creating their own stories.

 Hence, The People We Meet.


Mid 2013 -  Mid 2016

I co-ran my own small agency, Miller 87, focussing on web design, branding & digital strategy. Fun times, but working with Pharma & IP companies is not exactly what dreams are made of. I wanted something with more creativity & purpose.


2010 - 2015

I set up two weekly club nights, both attracting more than 500 people every Tues & Friday. Both nights had a cult following created through social media. Here's a video of C.U.Next.Tuesday that went viral and here's one of WAR. More fun times.


2011 - 2013

As well as the clubs, I set up Cock and Bull TV,  a music show on Youtube. We had zero budget and it never really got anywhere but when I say fun times, I mean FUN TIMES... including SXSW in Austin which included me interviewing these guys in a van.


Pre 2010

I grew up in Tipperary. In college, I studied construction management which wasn’t really me so I played Fifa instead. Lots of Hurling. All while looking like this...