The People We Meet is an independant, online video series that shines a light on those

dedicated to doing things the right way. 


It needs to be Meaningful

We're all are inspired by honesty, creativity and drive and are consuming more video, podcasts and TV shows than ever. Our videos provide a genuine human perspective that viewers connect with.


Content Partnership Campaigns

A content partnership campaign involves us working together to create an episode of TPWM to showcase the people you admire to those important to you. 

* A content partnership campaign is not an episode directly featuring you. If that is something you are interested in, we can talk Separately about that.


How would it look? 

From The People We Meet's perspective, the episode will look and feel like any other episode. See an example episode here.

Your brand will be identified as a partner in the video and in all social media posts. To see a really well executed example of a content partnership campaign, check out this Perennial Plate video, which highlights their partnership with Bord Failte & The Wild Atlantic Way by showcasing small food producers across Ireland.

Here's an example of how you can share the video from your perspective.


From the guests perspective, they will be able to share the video throughout their social media.

The aim behind every episode of TPWM is to create a video that everyone is proud of, and in doing so, creating content that everyone is proud to share.

See examples of how previous guests have shared their videos here, here and here.


What content is available?

Below is a list of all the content that is created for 1 episode.

Announcement Image - Example 1, Example 2.

Preview Video (Trailer) - often containing footage not used in main video or snippets of main video. Example 1, Example 2.

Main video - Ranging from 60 seconds to 9 minutes.

Vertical video snippets for Instagram Stories

Deleted scenes. Example 1 (scroll left for all 4 videos), Example 2

Written Q&A interviews curated by previous guests. 

*All content is suitable for all social media platforms, online advertising, embedded on websites and used in email marketing.



With an accumulated audience of on average 4,000 likes and a very modest boost budget, TPWM videos gather an average of...